FAA6.F Administrative : 04 Quality Control (QC) - Overview : A Quality Control (QC) - Performance Reporting-Overview
Quality Control (QC) - Performance Reporting-Overview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
States are responsible for conducting Quality Control (QC) reviews in accordance with federal and state regulations.
Review of Quality Control Case Review Reports (QC-100) allows the State to assess the accuracy of eligibility determinations and benefit payment levels.
Federal and State regulations require the following:
Sampling methods and schedules to select cases for QC review
Field investigations to be conducted by OPE staff
Corrective action to be taken on all improperly authorized or denied cases (including determining cause and prevention of improper actions)
Information to be reported to the appropriate federal departments from QC review findings, for statistical analysis purposes
The Office of Program Evaluation (OPE) is responsible for completing the following:
Establishing methods for random sampling selection of cases and reviewing the cases for accuracy of the eligibility determination and benefit levels
Reporting results of QC review findings to the appropriate federal departments
OPE documents case review findings on the Quality Control Case Review Report (QC‑100). The QC‑100, which contains information related to error elements, is forwarded to appropriate FAA offices as applicable.
OPE also documents the QC‑100 Additional Information section when an error that is not countable is found or other information is discovered that could affect benefit months other than the review month.