FAA6.F Administrative : 04 Quality Control (QC) - Overview : B QC Review Process - OPE Responsibilities
QC Review Process - OPE Responsibilities
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
The Quality Control (QC) review process consists of the following actions. The Office of Program Evaluation (OPE):
Completes the case review process.
Documents the findings on the Quality Control Case Review Report (QC‑100).
Documents the QC‑100 when an error that is not countable is found or other information is discovered that could affect benefit months other than the review month.
Places copies of the finalized QC‑100 and verification documents to the DBME shared drive and sends an email to each of the following:
Region Program Managers
Office Manager
Region Management Analysts
Quality Support Team (QST)
FAA Systems
Overpayment Unit, when applicable
Presents the QC-100 to the QC Review Committee
Policy and procedures regarding the Quality Control Review process are outlined as follows: