FAA6.E Overpayments : 03 Overpayment Unit Overpayment Responsibilities - Overview : B Overpayment Unit Responsibilities – Verification
Overpayment Unit Responsibilities – Verification
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
The Overpayment Unit (OPU) is responsible for obtaining the overpayment verification. The OPU sends the Overpayment Unit Information Needed (C030) notice to the household allowing ten days for the household to provide the verification.
When there is not enough information or verification the following must be completed:
Close the case using the VI Denial or Closure Reason Code, allowing for NOAA when the verification required to complete the OP has been requested and the information due date has past.
Enter the $$ program alert code on PRAP
Upload the C030 notice into the casefile
When verification is received, OPU contacts the FAA Systems Help Desk to remove the $$ Alert Code on PRAP and continues processing the overpayment.
When all possible methods of obtaining verification have been exhausted and there is enough information to establish a claim for any month, write the overpayment. Document all attempts to verify information on the Report of CA/NA Overpayment (FAA-0529A) form, summary section.