FAA6.E Overpayments : 03 Overpayment Unit Overpayment Responsibilities - Overview : A Overpayment Unit Responsibilities – NA Waiver of Overpayment
Overpayment Unit Responsibilities – NA Waiver of Overpayment
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
Waiver of an NA Overpayment (OP) occurs when an OP is not written and pursued for recoupment. Once an NA OP is waived, the OP is not pursued at a later date for any reason. The OP is waived by the OP writer when all of the following occur:
The claim is $300 or less.
The claim was not discovered in a Quality Control (QC) review
The claim does not include a pending intentional program violation (IPV) allegation investigation
The OP writer is not required to complete a Report of CA/NA Overpayment (FAA-0529A) form for a waived NA OP. The overpayment writer takes the following actions when an NA OP referral that can be waived is submitted:
Complete Part II of the Potential Overpayment (OP) Referral (FAA-0526A) form.
Check the box labeled NO OP on the FAA-0526A and use appropriate documentation to substantiate the decision.
Document the case file the No Overpayment Established (NOPED) reason and key Overpayment Tracker (OVTR) screens.