FAA6.N Examples : 05 Setup Participations (SEPA) Examples : A Optional CA Participants Example
Optional CA Participants Example
Greta lives with her boyfriend Herman and their common child, Ignacio (age four). Greta, Herman, and Ignacio do not qualify for TPEP.
Greta's niece, Barbie (age 12) and Herman's cousin, Ken (age 11) also live with Greta.
Greta is Barbie's nonparent specified relative (NPSR) and Herman is Ken's NPSR.
Create two AZTECS cases for the deprived dependent children and their NPSR. The NPSR in each case is an optional CA participant. This allows each budgetary unit a potentially higher CA benefit amount.
When the PI in either or both AZTECS cases chooses not to be included, resulting in a Child Only CA case, the caretaker relative's family, must be registered to the Child Only CA application.