OARC Policy Support and Review Unit
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
The Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) Policy Support and Review Unit (PSR) is responsible for the following:
Track and monitor the entire Intentional Program Violation (IPV) overpayment process. The Report of CA/NA Overpayment (FAA-0529A) form identifies a Potential IPV once submitted to OARC from the FAA Overpayment Unit. The PSR Unit ensures that any report FAA-0529A form which established in the Accounts Receivable Integrated Collection System (ARICS) as a claim.
Review overpayments which are identified as potential IPV by the FAA Overpayment Unit for validity and possible referral to an Administrative Disqualification Hearing.
Return any FAA-0529A that is incomplete or questionable to the FAA Overpayment Unit for correction or clarification.
NOTE For NA, the FAA Overpayment Unit returns the claim to OARC as soon as possible so that OARC may meet its 30 workday(g) time frame.
Track overpayments returned to the FAA Overpayment Unit to ensure that they are corrected and returned within 30 workdays.
Forward potential IPVs to the Appellate Services Administration and the Appeals Processing Unit (APU) for an administrative disqualification hearing.
Send the Waiver of the Right to an Administrative Disqualification Appeal (OAR5 for CA and OARC1 for NA) notice for cases that have been determined to be potential IPV overpayments prior to referring cases for an Administrative Disqualification Hearing.
When the Waiver of the Right to an Administrative Disqualification Appeal notice is signed and returned by the client, OARC completes the NA Intentional Program Violation Notice of Disqualification (OAR6) notice. This notice reflects the disqualification penalties and the amount of benefits that the remaining household members should receive when the household is currently active.
Send disqualification notices for court fraud convictions and IPVs.
Function as the central recovery unit and point of contact for initiating, monitoring, and verifying all IPV disqualifications and recoupments.
Forward requests for an NA compromise to the FAA Overpayment (OP) Unit to be processed.
Stop collection action, and remove overpayments from ARICS, when an appeal decision notice indicates the overpayment is remanded to the FAA office for correction.
Coordinate interstate overpayment collection.
Respond to inquiries and identify situations in which a benefit amount to be restored to a household was used to offset an overpayment owed by the household.
Confirms that an offset was correct and necessary.
Cancel any incorrect offsets and reissue the restored benefits.
Forward overpayments to the OARC Collections Unit.