FAA6.D Participant Maintenance : 04 Newborn Participant Maintenance
Newborn Participant Maintenance
(08/01/16 - 09/30/16)
AZTECS completes the following during an automated process:
Sends the X113 notice asking for additional information about the child and the household.
Sets an ACTS alert for 20 days to review the information received on the X113 notice.
The information returned on the X113 notice is treated as a reported change for CA and NA.
The date that the change is reported for a newborn is the earliest of the following:
The date the child's information is documented on CADO or the case file in AZTECS during the AZTECS automated overnight batch process.
The disposition action date found in the Case Audit History of the PMMIS Postback application in HEAplus.
The date the participant informs FAA of the child's birth.
For more information on adding a newborn see, Effective Date for Adding a Participant.