Maximum NA Resource Limit
Effective 10/01/2022
The maximum resource limit for NA when all participants are age 59 or younger and are not disabled is $2750.
The maximum resource limit for NA when one or more participants are age 60 or over or are disabled is $4250. (See Elderly or Have a Disability - NA Special Considerations)
(See NA Resource Determination Overview for policy and procedures regarding resource determination for NA.)
Maximum NA resource limits do not apply to NA budgetary units that meet Basic or Expanded Categorical Eligibility requirements.
NOTE When an NA case is denied or closed because the budgetary unit (BU) received lottery or gambling winnings equal to or more than the Winnings Reporting Amount, the BU does not meet the categorically eligibility criteria. Upon reapplication, AZTECS counts any remaining lottery or gambling winnings as a resource. The household must pass the NA resource limit to be eligible for NA benefits again.