Joint Accounts Example 2
Sonny and Cher are married and have four children. Sonny has a bank account. Sonny has enlisted with the Army and is at boot camp for three months.
Cher's name is not on the account. Sonny has given Cher the ATM bank card to withdraw the monies to support the family while he is at boot camp. He has his pay of $900 deposited directly into the account.
Cher withdraws $200 from the account each month to send to Sonny for personal need items.
Count the total amount deposited into the account as unearned income, minus the $200 Cher sends to Sonny each month.
Any money that remains in the account, less the income received for that month, is considered a resource.
When the NA budgetary unit spends the income for that month, the balance remaining the following month is considered a resource to the NA budgetary unit.
Sonny's Direct Deposit
Cher sends Sonny
- 200
(key as UNIN to Cher)
Cher's Expenses
- 650
(key as Resource on FIAC)