FAA6.I Tribal Assistance Programs : 06 Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF (PY‑YOEME) : E Information Exchange - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
Information Exchange - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
(01/01/23 –12/31/23)
AZTECS and the Pascua Yaqui (PY) Tribal TANF Program do not interface.
FAA and PY TANF staff use the Tribal/FAA – Turn Around Document (FAA-1125A) to exchange information.
Exchange of information must be sent via email or hand-carried by close of business the following workday(g). FAA sends the FAA-1125A via email to [email protected]. PY TANF staff sends the FAA-1125A via email to the FAA Tribal Liaison who forwards the FAA-1125A to the attention of the FAA Local Office Manager.
The FAA-1125A is used for all of following:
To send all change information to either an FAA local office or a PY YOEME office. (For PY YOEME office locations, see PY Social Services Department).
NOTE When FAA receives change information from the PY YOEME TANF office, the FAA 1125A and change information is date-stamped and processed from the date it is received in the FAA local office.
To send FAA applications received or completed at a PY YOEME TANF office for FAA programs.
For FAA to refer CA applications that should be determined by a PY YOEME TANF office.