IPV - CA Disqualification Penalties
Participants found to have committed a CA Intentional Program Violation (IPV) are ineligible to receive benefits from the CA program as follows:
12 months for the first offense.
24 months for the second offense.
Permanently for the third offense.
Do not include the disqualified participant when determining the eligibility or benefit amount of the household. Key the disqualified participant DF in the CA PT field on SEPA.
When periods of disqualification imposed by a court and an administrative disqualification appeal coincide, the court ordered disqualification runs concurrently with the disqualification imposed by the appeal.
When a court fails to impose disqualification, and the current disqualification procedures are applicable, FAA imposes the penalties, unless this is contrary to the court order.
A participant is ineligible for benefits for ten years when found, by a court of law, to have made a fraudulent statement or representation with respect to their residence in order to receive benefits from two or more states.