FAA6.F Administrative : 03 Appeals - Overview : D Appeals Specialist Responsibilities : .08 Hearing Decision Implementation - Case Remanded
Hearing Decision Implementation - Case Remanded
(04/01/16 - 05/31/16)
The hearing office may remand the case to the FAA office for corrections. When this occurs, take action to comply with the Office of Appeals request within ten calendar days.
Review the instructions provided by the Hearing Officer or designated FAA Representative and ensure appropriate actions are taken to correct the eligibility determination.
Send the appellant a new determination letter which gives them the right to appeal if they disagree with the new determination.
When the participant receives a notice of discontinuance and files a FH before the effective date of closure, they are eligible for continued benefits.
When the Administrative Law Judge remands the issue back to the FAA office for a new determination, the participant has the option to file a FH on the new decision. When the participant files a FH on the new decision, the participant is entitled to request continued benefits under the new timeframe.