Glossary Terms Beginning with M
Definitions for words starting with M are listed on this page. Take the link above or scroll down to the glossary term
Medical Provider Definition
A medical provider for program purposes is a doctor who provides a certification of a diagnosis or prognosis for a participant. The medical provider must meet both of the following requirements:
A physician recognized by the Arizona Revised Statutes
Licensed to practice in the State of Arizona
The term medical provider is limited to any of the following:
Medical Doctors (MD)
Doctors of Osteopathy (DO)
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Board Certified Psychologists
Physician's Assistant who has a dependent relationship with a licensed physician
Nurse Practitioner
Social Worker
Medicare Definition
Medicare is an insurance program for persons age 65 and over or disabled for at least two years, who meet the eligibility requirements under Title II of the Social Security Act. The Medicare program is administered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and eligibility is determined by the Social Security Administration.
Medicare provides insurance coverage as follows:
Medicare Part A
Medicare Part B
Medicare Part D
Participants who are currently covered by Medicare Part A, B, or D may apply and be determined eligible for MA when they meet MA eligibility factors. (See the Medical Assistance Eligibility Policy Manual)
Minimum Wage Federal and State Definition
Effective 01/01/2022, the Minimum Wage amounts are as follows:
Federal Minimum Wage $7.25 per hour
Arizona Minimum Wage $12.80 per hour
Arizona allows employers to pay a tipped worker(g) $3.00 per hour less than the Federal minimum wage.
City of Flagstaff
In the City of Flagstaff, the minimum wage increased to $15.50 per hour for non-tipped workers on 01/01/2022. The minimum wage for tipped workers in City of Flagstaff is $13.00 per hour.
Future minimum wage for City of Flagstaff is set to increase every January based on the increase in the COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment).
City of Tucson
In the City of Tucson, the minimum wage increased to $13.00 per hour for non-tipped workers on 04/01/2022.
Future minimum wage increases for Tucson are set for the following:
$13.50 by 01/01/2023
$14.25 by 01/01/2024
$15.00 by 01/01/2025
Increased by the rate of inflation rounded to the nearest multiple of $0.05 every January thereafter.