Eligibility Window Example 5
Maria (mom) has an FBCP of 11/00 through 10/05. On 09/30/02 CA was stopped. On 02/16/05, Grandma applies for her grandson Harry, Maria's son, who was born on 11/20/04.
The worker establishes an FBCP eligibility window of 07/04 through 10/05, the end of the FBCP, due to the following:
CA was stopped for at least 12 consecutive months
Maria did not resume her CA
Harry was born during Maria's FBCP
Harry is BC exempt because his date of birth falls within the established FBCP eligibility window.
The case file is documented with the following information:
Harry, born 11/20/04, is BC exempt
FAA-1302A or FAA1583A Electronic benefit Cap Determination unity form in case file
Maria's FBCP is 11/00 - 10/05
CA stopped 09/30/02
Eligibility window is 07/04 - 10/05