Eligibility Window Example 2
Nathan was not born during the his parents' eligibility window. Use the Benefit Cap Grid: Determining the BC Child (FAA-1302A) form or the FAA1583A Electronic benefit Cap Determination unity form to determine whether Nathan is exempt from the Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP).
Mom's FBCP:
11/00 - 10/05
CA stopped:
09/30/02 (Enter 10/2002 on the FAA1583A Electronic benefit Cap Determination unity form)
Write CL in 10/02 on the FAA-1302A Count 22 months beginning with 10/02 (22 months from 10/02 is 07/04). Write BEG in the 22nd month, 07/04.
CA resumed:
Write RE in 12/03. Count ten months beginning 12/03 (Ten months is from 12/03 to 09/04). Write END in the tenth month, 09/04. Highlight the months from BEG to END. This is the eligibility window.
Eligibility window:
07/04 - 09/04
Date of birth:
Nathan is not exempt from the FBCP because even though the CA was stopped for 12 months or more, he was not born within the eligibility window.