FAA6.N Examples : 13 Identity/Citizenship (IDCI) Examples : A Continuously Residing Example
Continuously Residing Example
Maria applied for CA and NA for herself and her son Ben, age 12.
Maria moved to Phoenix, Arizona, from Tyler, Texas, on 09/26/02. At the interview, Maria stated she entered the U.S. in 09/95. She intends to remain in Arizona. Maria provided a written statement from her landlord to confirm Arizona residency since 09/26/02.
Maria provided her I-551 card showing the LPR entry date of 08/21/00.
School records were provided that verified that Ben attended school in Tyler since 09/95 with Maria shown as Ben's parent and guardian. Maria also provided a letter from her pastor in Tyler stating that she taught Sunday school classes from 01/96 to 06/02.
Maria provided a written statement that she has never been out of the U.S. for longer than 30 continuous days and the total of all absences is fewer than 90 days.
Maria provided the following to support her statement that she has been continuously residing in the U.S. from 09/95 through 08/21/00:
School records showing Maria as Ben's parent and guardian from 09/95 to 06/02.
Letter from Maria's pastor stating she taught Sunday school from 01/96 to 06/02.
LPR card showing entry date of 08/21/00.
The supervisor confirmed that the documentation supported Maria's statement, which was required to receive CA in Arizona. The worker can complete the CA determination.