FAA6.I Tribal Assistance Programs : 04 Hopi Tribal TANF Program - Overview : F Benefit Determinations – Hopi Tribal TANF
Benefit Determinations – Hopi Tribal TANF
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
Determinations for Hopi Tribal TANF benefits are completed in AZTECS by FAA staff.
Hopi Tribal TANF is not subject to the Needy Family Test.
To be eligible for cash payments, Hopi Tribal TANF participants must be prospectively eligible. To be prospectively eligible the budgetary unit must pass each of the following income tests:
NOTE The Hopi Tribal TANF benefit amount is determined on the AFIM, AFNN, and AFPD AZTECS screens.
The following CA Earned Income Deductions are applied during the need standard tests: