FAA6.I Tribal Assistance Programs : 04 Hopi Tribal TANF Program - Overview : F Benefit Determinations – Hopi Tribal TANF
Benefit Determinations – Hopi Tribal TANF
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Determinations for Hopi Tribal TANF benefits are completed in AZTECS by FAA staff.
Hopi Tribal TANF is not subject to the following:
To be eligible for cash payments, Hopi Tribal TANF participants must be prospectively eligible. To be prospectively eligible the budgetary unit must pass each of the following income tests:
NOTE The Hopi Tribal TANF benefit amount is determined on the AFIM, AFNN, and AFPD AZTECS screens.
The following CA Earned Income Deductions are applied during the need standard tests: