Adjusting Benefits
(04/01/16 - 05/31/16)
Do not stop or reduce benefits that have been continued pending the hearing decision unless a separate change occurs. Changes reported after the appeal hearing has been filed are allowed to be worked and have separate appeal rights.
Stop or reduce benefits based on the following actions, while the hearing is pending:
The Hearing Officer makes a written preliminary finding that the only issues are of federal or state law and FAA took the proper action.
A mass change is implemented after continuation that affects eligibility or benefit level.
The appellant withdraws the request for an Appeal Hearing.
The appellant fails to appear for a scheduled hearing without notifying the Appellate Services Administration (ASA), Office of Appeals.
A subsequent change occurs and the change is for reasons other than those given in the hearing request.
NOTE Notify the appellant allowing for NOAA when benefits are reduced or stopped while the hearing is pending.