FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 03 Jobs Basic : C CA Jobs Exemptions : .06 CA Jobs Exempt – Cuban or Haitian Entrants
CA Jobs Exempt – Cuban or Haitian Entrants
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
Cubans or Haitians classified as Cuban or Haitian Entrants under Section 501(e) of the Refugee Education and Assistance Act of 1980 are considered qualified noncitizens. Cuban or Haitian Entrants with the approved parolee status are eligible to apply for employment authorization. However, this is not an automated process. To apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), the USCIS Application for Employment Authorization (I-765 Form) must be submitted. An EAD is required to be employment authorized.
Due to the backlog, receiving an EAD for Cuban or Haitian Entrants may take longer than expected.
Cuban or Haitian Entrants who do not have the EAD and are CA mandatory Jobs referrals are temporarily exempt from referring to the Jobs Program.
Key HC in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW.
NOTE The participant must inform FAA no later than the tenth calendar day(g) following the month they receive an EAD. Upon receiving the confirmation, FAA staff must update the HC CA Work Registration Exemption Code to RP, and the participant must comply with Jobs. See CA Jobs Mandatory Referrals.