FAA4.I Resource Eligibility Factor : 01 Self-Employment Resources
Self-Employment Resources
This section discusses how resources for self-employed participants are handled.
Resources that are necessary to self-employment(g) when they are held identifiably sole and separate from other resources are not countable. (See Combined Resources and Resources Owned Sole and Separate for more information.)
Special consideration is given to farm related resources following the termination of the farm business. (See Farming Income for more information.)
Property that produces income more than the expenses is considered necessary for the self-employment and is not countable as a resource. This may include, and is not limited to, any of the following:
Property that is important to the employment of a tradesman. Such property may include tools or machinery. (See Tools or Equipment for additional information.)
Buildings, equipment, machinery, livestock trailers, vehicles, and land used by self-employed participants or farmers for self-employment businesses.
(See Vehicles for policy and procedures regarding treatment of income producing vehicles.)
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last revised 10/02/2023