Resources Disqualification Period - CA
Participants who transfer or sell a resource without fair consideration, in order to qualify for benefits are ineligible to receive benefits. Calculate the disqualification period as follows:
Determine the number of affected participants. Affected participants include the responsible participant as well as any dependents who meet the following:
Would have been included in the CA benefit.
Would have had their income and resources budgeted to determine eligibility. (See CA Case Participation)
Determine the monthly Need Standard based on the number of affected participants. (See CA Income Standard)
Determine the equity value that was not received by subtracting the actual amount received from the actual equity value(g) in the resource.
Determine the number of disqualification period months.
Divide the equity value not received, by the monthly need standard. The resulting figure is the number of months of the disqualification period. Do not count fractions of a month.
(See Example Sale or Transfer CA)
Key DT in the PROGRAM ALERT TYPE field on PRAP. (See Program Alerts)
The disqualification period begins with the month of the resource sale or transfer.
NOTE For disqualification keying procedures see Resources Disqualification Procedures (CA and NA)