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Other Assets - Sources of Verification
The following are possible sources of verification:
Recent sales slip
Sales agreement
Insurance or tax appraiser
Courthouse records
Wills and probate records
Documents used by Social Security Administration to determine resource eligibility for SSI
Income tax returns
Experts and other collectors
Local merchant
Mortgage company or bank
Stock certificates
County Assessor's records
Evaluation can be obtained from the County Assessor's Office as follows:
Verify the value of real property through the Real Property Division. Give the parcel number and owner's name as well as a legal description of the property, when known. Request the full cash value of the total parcel, which includes land and improvements.
Verify the value of mobile or manufactured homes through the Personal Property Division.
Other records that show the value of the resource
For the following types of other assets, see the appropriate source as indicated for each type: