NA Resources
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
The following apply when determining resources for NA:
Participants in Basic or Expanded Categorical Eligibility are considered to have met resource requirements.
Resource standards are applied to NA budgetary units when one of the following applies:
Any participant is disqualified for voluntary quit or failure to comply with NA work requirements.
Any participant is disqualified for drug conviction, fleeing felon status, Intentional Program Violation or NA trafficking.
AZTECS counts the resources IN FULL for participants coded DE, DF, or DI in the PT field on SEPA.
Resources of nonparticipants are not counted toward the budgetary unit.
NOTE AZTECS does not count resources of participants coded OU in the PT field on SEPA toward the NA eligibility determination.
Resources of corporations are not counted to the participants. Financial accounts that a corporation owns must be in the corporation's name.
See lottery or gambling winnings for special treatment of income and resources.