FAA4.A Financial Accounts (FIAC) : 03 Financial Accounts - Verification : C Financial Accounts - Methods of Verification
Financial Accounts - Methods of Verification
(10/01/07 - 12/31/07)
Methods of verification of financial accounts include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
Request a copy of the most recent financial account statement from the PI.
Have the PI sign the Verification of Financial Accounts (FAA‑0051A) form. Mail the form to the bank for all known accounts and participants. Include the following on the FAA‑0051A:
Account number
Names and Social Security Numbers of all participants in the case, regardless of the name on the account
Do not send the FAA‑0051A to branches of Wells Fargo Bank or Bank of America. These banking institutions charge a mandatory fee to participants to complete an FAA form.
NOTE When banking information verification is needed from Wells Fargo, requests may be made to the Wells Fargo Verification Department. (See Wells Fargo for address)
Request a copy of the checkbook or savings book register, ledgers or other verification of outstanding checks and debits to the account.
A collateral contact to the financial institution.