Voluntary Temporary Absence
Voluntary temporary absences of a parent do not establish deprivation. Such absences include, but are not limited to, the following:
Absences due to active military duty.
Visits to friends or relatives.
Trips to seek employment.
Situations in which the participant parent and the absent parent do not consider themselves separated as a family unit. (See Example No Deprivation)
Leaving, but planning to return. When during the absence, it becomes clear that the parent has actually deserted, deprivation may exist. Deprivation begins with the date of departure.
Absence of one parent, to allow the remaining budgetary unit participants to qualify for benefits.
Parents living in separate dwellings on the same property, but both dwellings are considered part of a single home.
Parents living on Tribal Land where all those living in the same camp in different dwellings are considered to be one extended family in one home.
NOTE Support payments from a parent do not confirm or deny deprivation.