Turning in Support Money to DCSS
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
The CA participant is required to turn in support money when they receive child support, alimony, or spousal maintenance payments.
The participant must turn in all support money received beginning the month following the month of CA approval. The support payments must be turned in to the DCSS Clearinghouse within five calendar days of receipt.
Inform the participant to contact DCSS customer service within five calendar days, when support payments that must be turned in are placed on their Electronic Pay Card(g) in error.
CA participants must turn in child support intended for a child coded BC or SS in the CA PT field on SEPA, when there is a child coded IN in the CA PT field on SEPA and both of the following apply:
The child support is received directly from a private source, such as the absent parent, the Clerk of the Court, or a private collection agency.
The absent parent of the child is also the absent parent of a child in the same budgetary unit who is coded IN in the CA PT field on SEPA.
DCSS determines the amount of child support to be retained by the state or passed through to the CA budgetary unit.
The participant may also choose to turn in support payments directly to DCSS.
NOTE Advise the participant not to turn in cash payments, but to purchase a money order or cashier's check.