Kinship Child Only - Overview
(10/01/10 – 12/31/10)
A CA application for a child only turned in by a nonparent caretaker relative (NPCR) of a deprived, dependent child is a Kinship application.
Special considerations are provided in the application process and CA eligibility requirements. (See Kinship Care Screening for the special considerations)
State Benefit Limit (STBL) and Needy Family criteria apply to Kinship Care cases.
Kinship Care cases include the use of the following Referral Source Codes:
KF - CA Foster Care (CA-FC) – Overview - Kinship Foster Care applications are usually referred from the Department of Child Safety (DCS).
KS - Kinship Care - Kinship Care is not a referred application.
LP - Legal Permanent Guardian - Legal Permanent Guardian applications are sometimes referred from DCS.
When an application is identified for a child only, the first page of the application must be stamped with the KF/KS/LP stamp. For Kinship Care applications, staff must circle KF, KS, or LP, or write KF, KS, or LP when the stamp is not available.
The Kinship Care application must be registered for the requested programs and identified as a Kinship Care application requesting benefits for the child only by keying KF, KS, or LP in the REFERRAL SOURCE field on REAP.
The caretaker relative(g) of the child for whom benefits are being requested, and the caretaker relative's family(g), must be registered to the Child Only CA application. This is so AZTECS is able to conduct the CA Needy Family Test.
When the REFERRAL SOURCE field is keyed on REAP, the Referral Source Code displays on RESE next to ALL participants. The worker must ensure that the appropriate Referral Source Code displays on RESE next to each of the following:
The PI who is coded OU on SEPA
The child for whom benefits are requested
All people within the caretaker relative's family of the child for whom CA benefits are being requested.
When the child is receiving guardian subsidy payments from DCS or is placed in licensed foster care or a group home by DCS, the child is not eligible for CA.