Foster Care Children with Dependents
A foster child may apply for CA for their dependent child. The dependent child of the foster child is potentially eligible for CA only when the foster care payment does not include an amount for the dependent child's care. The following apply when determining eligibility for CA:
The foster child is ineligible for benefits in the CA budgetary unit but may be the participant payee.
When the foster child is an unwed minor parent (UMP), do not complete absent parent screens on the parents of the UMP when the UMP is not participating in the CA budgetary unit.
Do not count the foster child's foster care payment toward the CA budgetary unit.
Any other countable income or resources of the foster child must be budgeted toward the CA budgetary unit.
Foster Care children are potentially eligible for CA in the month they turn 18. Prorate the application to the later of the following:
The date of the application.
The date following the day they turn 18.
The partial FC payment is countable income in the month of application. (See Foster Care Payments)
Contact the Department of Child Safety (DCS) to determine whether the foster care payment includes an amount for the dependent child. (See DCS Eligibility and Payments Supervisor)