Duration of Disability
(01/01/14 - 03/31/14)
The disability must be expected to continue at least 30 days from the date of application. When the disability lasts for less than 30 days, do not approve CA unless other deprivation factors exist.
The budgetary unit is eligible based on disability for each month that the parent continues to have the disability.
The parent must have a disability as of the payment date for each month. When the disability stops on or before the payment date, deprivation does not exist, and CA must be stopped for the next payment month, allowing for NOAA.
(See Deprivation - Effecting Changes when disability no longer exists)
Medical Re-evaluation: The medical statement may indicate that the participant needs to be examined. When this occurs, take the following actions:
Set an ACTS alert to request a new disability statement.
Completely review the case to determine continued eligibility.