DCSS Request for Information
DCSS sends the Information Referral/Correct Status Needed (CS‑084) form to FAA when situations occur that include, but are not limited to, the following:
DCSS receives information at a judicial hearing or other DCSS hearing preceding that is different than displayed on the AP screens.
The participant is not interested in repayment of arrears because the AP was or is in the home.
The participant did not or does not have physical custody of the children.
Direct child support is received by the participant.
The CS‑084 is assigned through the Automated Change Control Tracking Systems (ACTS).
Once the CS‑084 is received, take the following actions:
Review the CS‑084 with the case and attempt to resolve the discrepancies with the budgetary unit.
When more information is needed, return a copy of the CS‑084 to DCSS and request the additional information.
Request an Office of Special Investigations (OSI) investigation when the discrepancy cannot be resolved.
Complete an overpayment referral when an overpayment has occurred.
No additional notice to DCSS is required. DCSS is notified of FAA action through the DES interface.