CA Drug Test Requirement
(01/01/21 –12/31/21)
Arizona law requires FAA to complete the following for all eligible CA participants age 18 or over coded IN on SEPA:
Determine when there is reasonable cause to believe the participant engages in the use of illegal drugs(g).
When reasonable cause exists refer the eligible participant for the required drug test. (See Drug Test Referral Procedure)
Disqualify the participant for 12 consecutive calendar months when they test positive for the use of illegal drugs.
NOTE Central Office notifies the FAA office via email when a participant must be disqualified due to an illegal drug use positive test result.
The CA participant must comply with the drug test policy requirements at application as follows:
At new application when benefits are authorized.
At renewal application when the interview is completed.
NOTE Drug testing requirements do not apply to Tribal TANF, or Grant Diversion.