LIBL/STBL Time Limit Extension - Overview
(01/01/24 - 12/31/24)
After a budgetary unit receives the maximum countable months of CA for the Lifetime Benefit Limit (LIBL) or State Benefit Limit (STBL). Budgetary units may receive up to 12 additional months of CA when eligible for the Time Limit Extension.
The CA budgetary unit is potentially eligible for a Time Limit Extension when all of the following apply:
The budgetary unit has received 60 or more countable months of CA for LIBL or 12 or more countable months of CA for STBL.
The PI or their spouse requests an extension verbally or in writing.
No adult in the budgetary unit has a sanction for noncompliance with the Jobs Program during the budgetary unit’s final regular month of CA benefits and the final month of benefits is after October 2017. (See Jobs Program Compliance Example 1 and Jobs Program Compliance Example 2)
NOTE The final regular month is the month the budgetary unit received their last CA benefit prior to any Hardship Extension.
All dependent children in the budgetary unit age six through fifteen are attending school and meet the school attendance requirements, unless the child is excused. (See LIBL/STBL Time Limit Extension School Attendance)
The budgetary unit has not previously received 12 months of Time Limit Extension.
The budgetary unit meets all other CA eligibility requirements.
To continue eligibility for the full 12-month Time Limit Extension, the budgetary unit must remain in compliance with the Jobs Program. When a Jobs noncompliance ACTS alert is received, see Time Limit Extension - Keying Procedures for Closures.
NOTE Cuban and Haitian entrants without employment authorization are deferred from compliance with the Jobs Program, until their employment authorization is granted, and are potentially eligible for the Time Limit extension.
When a Time Limit Extension is requested, follow the procedures in LIBL/STBL Hardship and Time Limit Extension Procedures.