LIBL/STBL Time Limit Extension – School Attendance
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
For a budgetary unit to receive a Time Limit Extension, all dependent children, age six through fifteen, required to attend school must maintain an attendance record of at least ninety percent.
Children provided with instruction in a homeschool (pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §15-802, subsection B, paragraph 2) are exempt from the ninety percent attendance requirement.
A child excused from school attendance for one of the following reasons is not required to meet the ninety percent school attendance requirement:
The child's physical or mental condition is such that either school attendance is prohibited, or it is determined that school is not in the child's best interest.
The child has presented reasons to the public school for nonattendance that are satisfactory to the school principal or the school principal's designee.
NOTE The principal's designee may include the school district governing board.
The child is enrolled in a vocational, technical, career or educational training program that meets the educational standards established and approved by the Department of Education.
The child was suspended or expelled from a public school.
NOTE When the child has been suspended, the school must establish that the child has not been directed to participate in an alternative education program.
When the participant claims the child is excused for one of the approved reasons, FAA will review the circumstances and information provided by the participant.
The school attendance status for each child must be documented. Unless questionable, a participant statement is acceptable verification of the Time Limit Extension School Attendance requirement.
When questionable, verification of the Time Limit Extension School Attendance requirement includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Cash Assistance Benefit Limit Extension Request (FAA‑1440A) form
Verification of School Attendance (FAA-0075A) form
School Attendance Verification (C014) notice
Attendance records
Documentation from school officials
Doctor's statement
Probation or court records