LIBL/STBL Hardship Extension – Homeless Verification
(01/01/24 - 12/31/24)
Verification of homelessness includes, and is not limited to, any of the following:
Statement by staff at a shelter, halfway house, or similar institution(g) that provides temporary residence to homeless individuals or families.
NOTE See Residents of Institutions for NA, to review the PST Institutions and Non-Institutions Lists to determine whether the participant is potentially eligible for NA.
Statement by the participant, that includes a description of where the budgetary unit is residing when it does not have a fixed or regular nighttime residence.
Statement by the participant when the participant or budgetary unit is temporarily living with others. The statement must include that the residential situation is temporary and the date the budgetary unit expects to have its own residence.
Any other evidence that supports the participant’s claim of homelessness.