Keying IPV or VQ Disqualification
(04/01/13 - 06/30/13)
When a CA or NA IPV or VQ occurs, complete the following:
Key the instance (01, 02, 03) of the specific violation has occurred in the VQ NBR or IPV NBR field on the second DISA screen.
Key the date the VQ or IPV disqualification becomes effective in the VQ START DT or IPV START DT field.
For VQ, this is the first month possible, allowing for NOAA. For IPV, this is the date specified by OARC for ineligibility.
Key the length of the required disqualification period (in months) in the DISQ PERIOD (IN MONTHS) field.
For IPV, OARC specifies the number of months the disqualification will last.
For VQ, the length of the disqualification period is dependent on the participant's disqualification history, as follows:
VQ Number
Disqualification Period (in months)
03 (or more)