FAA2.E Program and Person Alerts (PRAP/DISA) : 04 Program Disqualifications
Program Disqualifications
Each program specifies certain participant conditions and certain participant actions that result in one of the following:
Participant ineligibility
Budgetary Unit ineligibility
The duration of the ineligibility is also specified and may be one of the following:
Temporary, lasting a defined period that may be from one month to ten years. The duration may depend on whether the participant has committed the same prohibited action in the past.
Temporary, lasting until the condition is corrected
Take the actions necessary to disqualify a participant on SEPA. Take the actions necessary to disqualify a budgetary unit on the appropriate eligibility screen, AFED, FSED.
Use PRAP and DISA to maintain a record of the disqualifications applied to participants and to budgetary units. The keying procedures are provided by screen: