FAA2.C Address (ADDR ADFF) : 07 Keying ADDR : A Keying ATTENTION on ADDR
(08/01/14 – 09/30/14)
Use the ATTENTION field to key information that is not part of the physical address, such as the name of a representative. Do not key the name of the PI.
When mailing in care of someone other than the participant, key C/O and the person’s name in the ATTENTION field.
NOTE A space must be keyed before the C for AZTECS to process the address. (See Example Keying ADDR)
Do not key additional telephone numbers or anything other than the actual address information in the ATTENTION field. The wording displays in the mailing address and on the notices and it may be a breach of confidentiality. Document any additional address information (shelter names, telephone numbers, homeless sleeping location, etc.) in the case file(g).