Jobs Program Noncompliance Notification
(01/01/23 –12/31/23)
When a CA participant does not comply with the Jobs Program, and does not have good cause, Jobs Program staff completes the following:
Sends the NOAA on or prior to the last day to request a NOAA to inform the noncompliant participant that CA will be decreased or stopped. The participant must demonstrate compliance with the Jobs Program to prevent the next level of sanction.
Keys the Jobs Automated System (JAS), which generates the JB/Client Failed to Comply ACTS alert to FAA to impose a new CA sanction, when the NOAA expires, and the participant has not complied. (See Imposing Sanctions)
The Jobs Program must send the NOAA by the last day to request a notice of adverse action in order for FAA to impose the sanction for the next month. (See AMPS)
NOTE When the Jobs Program has not sent the NOAA by the last day to request a NOAA for Jobs noncompliance, FAA staff cannot impose the sanction. (See Sanction Notices – Jobs Program Noncompliance)