Tribal NEW Sanction Duration
The following policy outlines how long a sanction must last and when a sanction may be ended:
The required sanction period must be observed, regardless of whether the case is open or closed.
Each sanction must remain in force a minimum of one month.
End the sanction after the one-month minimum when the noncompliant participant complies anytime on or before the eighth day of the sanction month.
NOTE When the noncompliant participant does not comply on or before the eighth day of the sanction month, consider this as another instance of noncompliance. This requires that another sanction be imposed. Participants who are noncompliant with NEW must report to NEW by the fifth day of the sanction month. They must complete three days of participation by the eighth day of the month in order to be in compliance.
When the budgetary unit reports and verifies that the noncompliant participant left the budgetary unit prior to the effective date of the sanction, do not impose the sanction on this budgetary unit. It may be necessary to authorize a CA supplement. Follow the normal procedures to remove the noncompliant participant. (See Participant Maintenance) Document the case file(g).