Revision 10 (10-01-09 through 12-31-09) : FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1.D01C.03 – CADO Documentation Guidelines
Added subject regarding CADO documentation guidelines.
Listed types of support income and new support income fields on CHSP. Removed text regarding when not to count support income from determining the AZTECS participant receiving the support income. Reworded WARNING, regarding printing CHSP screens, for clarity. Removed WARNING, regarding contacting PST about spousal maintenance. Added medical support income to the list of support income to budget. Reworded WARNING to include SSI children and for clarity. (Policy Broadcast 09‑25, effective 08/03/09)
FAA1.H11 – Pre-Application Grant Diversion (PAGD) - Overview
Removed subject from policy manual. (Policy Broadcast 09‑26, effective 08/03/09)
FAA1.K03 – Where to Apply - Overview
Changed mailed to FAXed for applications submitted at a local office that does not serve the participants ZIP Code.
FAA1.K05C – Representatives - MA Representative
Use of the Interview Guide (FA-001-B) for documentation is not mandatory. Replaced that documentation should be in the case file which includes AZTECS screens and OnBase.
FAA1.K05C.06 – MA Representative – MA PI Leaves the Budgetary Unit – Multiple Participant Case
Changed procedure for denial due to AZTECS keying changes.
FAA1.L02B – Household System Check - Overview
Removed the requirement to print HOSC to paper. HOSC is to be uploaded into OnBase.