Revision 11 (01-01-10 through 03-31-10) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
Removed Phen Fen Link, all ongoing payments are countable for MA and CA not countable for NA.
Added verbiage for clarity.
Added subject regarding the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund. (Policy Broadcast 09-35, effective 11/03/09)
Changed wording to state ongoing payments as Phen Fen payment made to participants are ongoing payments. Removed Phen-Fen link to LIAS. Revised unearned income code to key from LS to PF.
Added that the Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) payments are NOT Countable for NA. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04HHH) (Policy Broadcast 09‑38, effective 11/23/09)
Removed NA EXCEPTION, U.S. Census income is NOT COUNTABLE when determining Nutrition Assistance (NA) eligibility. (Policy Broadcast 09-36, effective 01/01/10)
Removed the term parental control from NA Exception box.