FAASTA.D State Assistance Information (STAI) : 09 Verification of Tuberculosis - Overview
Verification of Tuberculosis - Overview
(01/01/12 - 03/31/12)
The Tuberculosis Control (TC) program provides assistance for the support of applicants who are certified unemployable by the State Tuberculosis Control Officer as a result of active or suspected communicable tuberculosis. The assistance can also be provided to the applicant’s dependents, when applicable.
The regulations and funding for this program are established by the Arizona State Legislature through the Arizona State Department of Health Services (DHS). The Arizona State Department of Economic Security administers the program.
DHS provides a Request for Approval of Home Care for Tuberculosis Patient (TB‑108) form. This form lists both the following:
The doctor's diagnosis of contagious tuberculosis
Statement that the patient is unemployable
NOTE The TB-108 form is NOT an official FAA application
DHS Tuberculosis Control forwards the TB‑108 to the Program Manager (PM) of the Region that serves the applicant’s ZIP Code. The PM suspense the TB‑108 to the Local Office Manager (LOM) of the responsible local office to ensure timely action is taken on it.
For more information regarding the TB‑108, see TC Case Completion(sta).