Verification and Documentation - Information Verification
Eligibility factors or information that affects program eligibility and benefit level MUST be verified before completing an eligibility determination.
When the budgetary unit, or a participant, is obviously ineligible based on information provided by the PI, the following apply:
DO NOT request verification of the factor to establish ineligibility.
Document CADO or the CADO Extension Form (CEF) to support the determination of ineligibility.
Request verification of eligibility factors when any of the following occur:
Questionable Information
A change has occurred (See Application Screening and Changes)
Verification IS NOT in the case file
When current verification is in the case file, DO NOT request the verification again.
DO NOT delay the eligibility determination in one program when required verification for a different program has not been received.
When duplicating a case file, use the information AZTECS indicates as previously being verified.
For need standard verification requirements, see Need Standards.