State Assistance Types of Resources - Types of Liquid Assets - Lump Sum Payments
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
Lump sum payments are COUNTABLE as a resource in the month received when determining the benefit. When a portion of the lump sum is intended for the current month, ONLY that portion is COUNTABLE as income in the month received. (See Lump Sum, Income)
Lump sum payments include, but are not limited to the following:
Rebates or credits, including property tax credit.
Insurance settlements including any amount withheld as lawyer's fees.
Refund of deposits on rental property or utilities.
Reimbursement of medical expenses by an insurance company or government program.
Vacation, sick, and severance pay that is received as a single lump sum payment either separate or combined with final wages AFTER termination of employment.
Nonrecurring payments received for prior months from such sources as CA, SSA, VA, UI, Railroad Retirement benefits, child support, or other benefits. This does not include the portion that is intended for the current month, which is COUNTABLE income.
Payments from the Agent Orange Veteran Payment Program to survivors of deceased veterans.