State Assistance Resources - Availability - Joint Ownership
Joint ownership of a resource is when there are two or more owners. When a resource is jointly owned by a participant and a nonparticipant, determine availability as follows:
Jointly owned resources cannot be sold unless both owners can be located and agree to sell or transfer ownership.
When agreement cannot be reached, consider the resource as not available.
When it is impossible to obtain a written refusal to sell or transfer, document the reason in the case file.
NOTE A resource must be legally and physically available, or in the possession of the participant, to be a countable resource.
The designations of joint ownership on a vehicle title are as follows:
OR designates that a vehicle is totally available to each owner, unless it can be proven by the participant that the vehicle is not available.
AND/OR or AND designates the vehicle is jointly owned. These vehicles are available to each owner only when every owner agrees to sell or transfer ownership.
NOTE OR, AND/OR, and AND refer to vehicles ONLY.