State Assistance Need Standard - A1
Allow the A1 standard in the following situations:
A participant is obligated to pay a shelter cost, such as one of the following:
Rent for land, mobile home space, or the actual dwelling.
Mortgage or taxes for land or the actual dwelling.
NOTE This applies even when the participant is temporarily not living there because it is uninhabitable.
Anyone living in public housing(g) or subsidized housing(g). The participant must be listed on the lease or be paying the rent for that housing.
NOTE This is not affected by negative rent, credits, or cash allowances from Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
A participant works in return for rent.
NOTE The value of the rent is NOT COUNTABLE as earned income. (See In-kind Income)
The participant pays rent with money from an outside source. Consider the money a contribution, or other income depending on the source.
NOTE When there is a foreclosure action on the property, review the situation on an individual basis to determine whether A1 standard applies. When the mortgage company will accept back payments, there is an obligation to pay, and the A1 Standard applies.
For verification procedures, see A1 Need Standard Verification.