State Assistance Approval Periods - Renewals - Notice Of Expiration (NOE)
AZTECS sends the X801 notice to inform the budgetary unit that benefits are ending.
The notice is sent so that it is received as follows:
At least one day before the last month of the approval period.
No earlier than the next to the last month of the approval period.
When an approval period is assigned and the approval is completed after the NOE has been system generated for that period, provide the PI with the C801 and a renewal application at the time of approval.
DO NOT prorate the initial month's benefits when BOTH of the following apply:
NOE was not issued during the prior approval period.
The participant is reapplying in the MONTH FOLLOWING the month that the approval period ended.
The X801 informs the PI of the following:
The end date for the current approval period.
The address of the office where the application needs to be filed.
The date the renewal application process is to be completed. This includes providing all the requested verification to continue receiving benefits by the normal issuance date.
The right to request and have FAA accept an Identifiable Application.
The consequences of failure to comply with the NOE requirements.
The right to file the application by mail.
The right to request a fair hearing.
NOTE Complete and send the C801 when it is not automatically sent by AZTECS. Mail an official FAA application to the PI.
When the participant turns in an application, follow the procedures in Renewal Process.
When the participant does not turn in an application for renewal, AZTECS stops benefits on the last day of the renewal month.