FAASTA.D State Assistance Information (STAI) : 08 Drug Abuse and Gangs Bill Disqualification - Overview
Drug Abuse and Gangs Bill Disqualification - Overview
The Drug Abuse and Gangs Bill (ARS 13‑3418) allows for the courts to render persons ineligible to receive State Public Assistance benefits when they are convicted of any drug-related offense described within the bill.
The Arizona Superior Court notifies FAA of any disqualification decisions made. In these situations, the following occurs:
The court determines the time frame for which these persons are ineligible to receive assistance.
The court sends a Denial of Public Benefits notification to the Policy Support Team.
The Policy Support Team notifies the appropriate local office when any action is necessary.
When a participant reports that they have been disqualified, complete the following:
Advise the participant to reapply at the end of the disqualification period.
Document the disqualification in the case file and on CADO or the CADO Extension Form (CEF).
Deny the application or close the case.