Review for Three or More EBT Card Replacements
(01/01/19 –12/31/19)
When the participant contacts Fidelity Information Services (FIS) Automated Response Unit (ARU) and requests a third, or more, replacement EBT card during a 12-month period, both of the following will occur:
FIS mails a replacement EBT card to the participant and suspends the card.
AZTECS sends the REPLACEMENT EBT CARD REPLACEMENT REQUESTS – 3 OR MORE (X152) notice. The notice informs the PI that contact must be made with the FAA before the suspension on the replacement card can be removed.
NOTE The X152 will only be issued one time to the card holder.
When a participant comes into an FAA office to request a third or more replacement EBT card, see EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures.
When the EBT card holder does not contact FAA, no further action is taken. The EBT card will remain in suspended status and the EBT card holder unable to access their benefits.