FAAEBT.B Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Screens : 07 EBT Transaction History (EBTH) - Overview
EBT Transaction History (EBTH) - Overview
(04/01/15 - 05/31/15)
EBTH is used to display a history of EBT transactions for an AZTECS case. EBTH can ONLY be accessed from EBME.
EBTH only displays transactions for the last three years. For transactions older than three years, submit a request to initiate an ad hoc report following the procedures in EBT Daily History Extract. This report should only be initiated for the following reasons:
Quality Control (QC) Review
Key the start and end times and dates on EBTH to indicate a particular search period. Press ENTER, and up to fifteen transaction records display for the search period requested. This includes the following:
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Transactions
Point of Sale (POS) Transactions
Benefit Issuances
When there are more transactions for a search period, Y displays in the MORE field. Press ENTER to display the next fifteen transactions.
To display transactions in a specific date sequence, key one of the following codes in the DISPLAY ORDER (A OR D) field:
A Ascending order
D Descending order
The following two additional screens can be accessed from EBTH for additional information regarding a particular transaction:
EBT Benefit Information (EBBI)
EBT Transaction Information (EBTI)